Friday, September 28, 2007

Fratboy Friday

David Cerda said it best today on the HELL IN A HANDBAG blog.

He was discussing the online quiz results he was posting and he said...

"I found on my friend Stephen Rader's blog. This one was somewhere between the outraged activist messages and the half naked frat boys."

Well, since my previous post is definitely from my "outraged activist" side, I guess that means it's time for FRATBOY FRIDAY!!!

Here are this week's...


That right there is everything I love in a fratboy - - Cute, cocky and CUT!

And I swear, I didn't cut that girl out of the picture. Honest!

I would have if she wasn't already cut out, but somebody beat me to it.


Again, another classic fratboy look.

Every man looks best in a crisp, white button-down shirt.

Especially when it's just hanging from his belt and not covering up all that
yummy man-meat.



I know this guy is probably not INTENTIONALLY mooning someone...

...but that ass is just TOO NICE not to give it a little ATTENTION!

Besides, that boy is the perfect lead-in to my favorite Fratboy Friday category...



I love it when these fratboys get so drunk that they start doing imitations of Buffalo Bill from SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.

I mean, tucking your cock and balls between your legs to make it look like you have a pussy...

...that's not gay... not gay at all..

No way, dude. No way...


Lance Noe said...

ok the guy on e the left, scares me! He looks like he is fisting himself and why is he holding a ping pong ball?

Anonymous said...

Um, I seriously want this sagger in this week's installment. Where can I meet him?

Shirley Heezgay said...

The mooner...he has nice ass and legs, no?

ping pong ball= I perporm por you!

Polt said...

I dont know if you got the first one from me or not, but I have one just like it...and I DID cut the lucky bitch out of the photo. :)

And I do SO love the I was SO drunk stuff...reminds me of an exuse I heard quite a few times on a Sunday morning while in high school. :)


Stephen Rader said...

Lance - That's Fred and Fred does that trick with a ping pong ball where he... ummm... well, have you ever seen PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT?

Dana - If I knew, believe me I would already be there - - and I would, of course, share him with you once I got him. (Did you buy that?) :)

Shirley - I love that our minds go to the EXACT same place when ping pong balls are mentioned!!!

Polt - You heard that excuse a lot in high school,huh? You lucky, lucky man. I didn't hear that until the end of my college years. But never fear, I have more than made up for lost time in the "sleeping with drunken men" department!!!