Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Let Me Borrow That Top

Y'all, Kelly is back!!!

After "Shoes" and my personal favorite, "Text Message Breakup," Kelly now covets a neighbor's cute, new top.

And what Kelly wants, Kelly gets!!

Here's Kelly in "Let Me Borrow That Top!"

I was thinking about being a kid dressed as a superhero for Halloween (you know - - long johns, mask, Underoos worn over the long johns, a towel clipped at the neck with a safety pin used as a cape, etc.), but if I can find the proper outfit, I may have to go as Kelly.

All I need are the right shoes and that fucking top!

P.S. Kelly is really Liam Kyle Sullivan. And I am in love with him. Hard


Michael said...

LOL......my favorite line:

"Fuck you with something hard and sandpapery."


Stephen Rader said...

Michael - I know!!! I can feel my inner-Kelly rising inside me for October 31st!!!