Friday, September 07, 2007

Jeff Loves RAGTIME

I knew it would happen. I knew it.

My brilliantly talented friend, Charissa Armon, has been nominated for Joseph Jefferson Award in the category of "Actress in a Principal Role - Musical" for her breathtaking performance as "Mother" in Porchlight Music Theatre's production of RAGTIME.

If you didn't see Charissa as "Mother," you missed one of the most passionate, most poetic and most perfect performances seen in Chicago musical theatre in years. Congratulations, Charissa!

In addition, my buddy Walter Stearns has been nominated for "Director - Musical" and my pal Eugene Dizon has been nominated for "Musical Direction" - - both for RAGTIME!

And my other RAGTIME friends Jayson Brooks and Aaron Graham have nominated as "Actor in a Principal Role - Musical" and "Actor in a Supporting Role - Musical," respectively.

To these RAGTIME-ers and to all of my other friends nominated for Jeff Awards for their past season of work, CONGRATULATIONS!! I will see you at the awards ceremony on Monday, October 29th!

P.S. Charissa: Just because you're a big musical theatre star now doesn't mean you can skip drinking with Master Aaron, John and me!!! We've got your number, baby!!


Master Aaron said...

OHMYGOD, Rader, you scolded a Diva IN PRINT! If you girls are gonna' quarrel, take it outside, so you don't scare the sissies INSIDE. But I do love it! And I am still crying happy about Ms. A's nom.

Stephen Rader said...

Master Aaron - I received an email from Charissa promising cocktails very soon! I can't wait!!!