Thursday, September 27, 2007

Charles Pierce

In the age of the Google Search, I am amazed by what people don't know.

And when you add to that the incredible clips that can be found on YouTube...

...and I'm not talking about the blathering on of some overly-eyelined, Britney-loving, psychotic homo-hillbilly...

...or some self-obsessed high school girl who can't sing, so she lip syncs THE CELL BLOCK TANGO and then other people watch it... REPEATEDLY...

...I am amazed by what people don't CARE to know.

Especially gay men.

To break any rule or to take anything to the next level - - whatever the Hell that means - - you have to know what came BEFORE.

And for some reason, today's young gay men tend to act as if they invented everything and if it's old, it must be worn out, tired and uninteresting.

I'm sure this is just me entering into middle age and feeling increasingly invisible when I walk into gay bars these days.

As Edina says in the "Birthday" episode of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS...

"It's like I hit an oil patch at 35 and now I'm just SKIDDING toward the grave, darling!"

Still, by not caring about what came before, we're losing a little piece of our gay history. And really, we don't have very much gay history to lose.

So, when I find a clip like this on YouTube, it makes me so happy that I can post it and share it with as many people as possible.

This is the incomparable Charles Pierce in a show he did at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in 1982.

Charles passed away in 1999, but luckily we have little pieces of his live performances to show us the brilliance of his female illusion.

This is the tail end of the concert where Charles is doing my favorite of his impersonations - - Ms. Bette Davis.

Watch these clips and you'll see bits and pieces of a performance style that has been copied by a few current day entertainers.

Namely me. Hey, if you're gonna steal, steal from the best.

P.S. Like Leif Garrett, Charles Pierce also guest starred on an episode of WONDER WOMAN.

He does Bette Davis AND acts with Lynda Carter. What more do you want, folks?!?


T$ said...

I agree with your assessment of the younger gays...completely.

I've had to school way too many young friends on things they should know about "gay" history - one thought I was making up the fact that the stonewall riots were a by-product of Judy Garland's death.

Stephen Rader said...

t$ - Thank you for your agreement! Isn't it amazing that so many people don't know the Judy Garland / Stonewall connection?

Lovely blog you have, by the way. Really wonderful work.

Master Aaron said...

Take my advice, and yes, that's an order: Charge them. Private schooling costs money. One-on-one education not publically funded via taxation is called private coaching, and this costs money, and I ain't talkin' cab fare. When children get private tutoring, someone has to pay. Rader,if you start teaching the young, gay and clueless free-of-charge, you are messing with the system currently in place! And here's a helpful hint, gratis: Many over the age of 21 and under the age of 30 can be helped to a more educative place, spiritually, via medicinal bondage. Ah, Hell, that's about the only way to get some people focused these days. "Have I said....too much? hahahahahaha...."

Stephen Rader said...

Master Aaron - I'll start charging just as soon as you put those "small hands" on the market and start charging TOP DOLLAR for them!!! :)

Michael said...

Oh, DON'T GET ME STARTED on the young gays................

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - Oh, but I would LOVE to get you started on them! I can only imagine what you'd have to say!!!! :)