Saturday, February 10, 2007


If you are free tomorrow night, Sunday, February 11, go, Go, GO to my friend Philip Dawkins' short play, YES TO EVERYTHING, in the Around the Coyote Winter Festival.

The brilliant Eric Reda directs it and my friend Cynthia is running the whole kit- and- kaboodle.

This 10- minute play contains a piece of Philip's writing that I believe to be his best... his best "so far," anyway. It resonates deeply with me. Especially this line...
"I don't wonder how I got here, but I do wonder how I get back."

Bravo, Philip. Incredible work.

Here's Philip's blurb about the show...

HEY ALL. . .
From the creators of UGLY BABY comes the brand new short comedy,
by Philip Dawkins
directed by Eric C. Reda.
Starring [gulp!] Philip Dawkins.

One Weekend only!

February 9 (9:00), 10 (9:00), and 11 (9:00)

Dulcenae, a wicked cool spot in Wicker Park
1431 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Ticket Prices: $10.00
(This gets you an all-weekend pass to the AROUND THE COYOTE WINTER FESTIVAL
good for my show, any shows before (starting at seven), poetry events, art
shows, dance, film, and readings. A great bargain for either a night of
theatre or a whole weekend of art. Yay, Art!)

It was great to see Mike and Andy and Nick and Adam and Philip's parents there tonight.

And best of all, it was open bar for beer and vodka. What else could a girl want?!?!?

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