Friday, February 09, 2007

Korean Kabaret

My Korean friend..., not Kim Jong-il... OTHER Korean friend...

...Max Chung, is premiering his cabaret show entitled...

...wait for it...

...wait for it...


Isn't that a hoot? I LOVE that title!

Here's a teaser from Max:

The secret is out and Max Chung is telling all.

Well, everything you wanted or needed to know about Chicago's one and only Korean American musical theatre actor (phew).

You'll laugh. You may even cry. You will have a drink.

Secret Asian Man ... a Korean Kabaret at Davenport's Piano Bar, Wednesday February 21 & 28 at 8pm.

Max is telling all, huh?

So tell us, Max: What was Patti LuPone REALLY like when you worked with her in ANYONE CAN WHISTLE at Ravinia?

And did she REALLY say...

"Do you know WHY you're going to stop rehearsal and build a ramp for my entrance? Because I'm PATTI FUCKING LUPONE!!!!"

Because if she did actually say that, she is my new favorite human.

Tell us, Max. Inquiring minds want to know.


Lance Noe said...

ok I will come to Chicago on one condition, you get me a date with that GORGEOUS KOREA BOY!

Jesus, Mary AND Joseph!

P.S. Patti story - my friend did some benieft with Ms. Lupone and she APPARENTLY said while standing back stage watching someone else sing - badly, "Jesus christ it is like amateur night at the circus! Who the fuck let in THAT beaver trap?"

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - Alas, Max is straight. But will you still come to Chicago?

"Jesus Christ, it is like amateur night at the circus!" I love me some Patti LuPone!

Lance Noe said...

i fucking hate straight cute boys, I HERE BY DECREE THAT ALL CUTE ASIANS MUST BE QUEER!