Thursday, February 08, 2007

Yeah, I'm a Bitch, But I Said It First

In an email exchange just minutes ago with a friend who I won't name just in case my poor taste in this posting would offend anyone they know...

Friend: "anna nicole smith died!!!!!!"

Stephen: "TrimSpa, baby!!!"

Friend: "There are so many reasons why I adore you, and that response was all of them."

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna

Anna Nicole

She's so outrageous


Dana said...

I just want you to know you have a fan. I followed the link from Lance Noe's blog to here, and I think you are just funny as all get out. Keep it up!

Lance Noe said...

I'M PISSED! that bitch has never ONCE posted a comment on MY blog! may she rot in hell.

oh yeah! peace and love!


Susan E. Neill said...

Anther fan right here...Stephen, you are fabu!

Luv, Susie

Stephen Rader said...

Dana - Thank you so much! You are so kind for saying that! I will definitely "Keep it up!"... in more ways than one!!!

Lance - Get off Dana's back, ok? Geez...

Susan - Thank you as well for the fan shout out. I went to your blog, Susan, and man - - YOU ARE SMART!!!! Ms. Smarty- Smart, Mayoress of Smartytown. If someone as smart as you thinks I'm "fabu," then it must be true!! THANK YOU!!!!