Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Talented Bea!

In my ongoing attempt to convince myself that karma is not just the name of a chameleon, that kismet is more than a crappy musical and that good things do actually happen to good people... opposed to good things happening constantly to liars, cheats and assholes (a.k.a. "Dick Cheney")...

...I love it when life provides me with the opportunity to say "Congratulations" to my friends when life rewards them with a wish fulfilled.

So, I am so happy to report that...

Ms. Bea made it into MORTIFIED Chicago!!!

A few weeks ago, I had dinner - - and WAY too much tequila - - with Bea the night before her audition for a Chicago presentation of MORTIFIED.

MORTIFIED is "a showcase of people reading aloud their most embarrassing, REAL teenage diary entries, poems, love letters, lyrics and locker notes... in front of total strangers."

Bea's diary entries are extremely funny. I knew she was THE perfect fit for this event and I am so happy and excited for her!

Here's all the info:

WHAT: Mortified Chicago
WHEN: Wednesday, March 28, 2007
TIME: 8:00 PM
VENUE: Green Mill Jazz Lounge
ADDRESS: 4802 N. Broadway Ave., 60640

COST: 10

By Web: Order Online
By Phone: 877-238-5596

Join me at the Green Mill on March 28th!

Bea is going to make us laugh so hard, we'll probably pee our pants.

You think that crazy astronaut lady will give us a couple of her Depends?


Bea said...

Yay!!! "brooke is going to make us laugh so hard we will pee, no pressure Brooke. Now go, BE FUNNY." You are the sweetest! I will need more tequila shots before I go onstage.

Stephen Rader said...

You WILL make us laugh that hard. I know because I've read some of this diary and it is friggin' brilliant!

Tequila shots before, during and of course, after you go on stage!!!