Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Papa, Can You Hear Me?

Today is Vincente Minnelli's birthday.

What? You're asking, "Who is Vincente Minnelli?"

Careful, your sexual orientation is showing.

One Vincente + One Judy = One Liza!

Vincente Minnelli.

Liza's Dad.

In Mario Cantone's BRILLIANT one- man show LAUGH WHORE, he cleverly compares Vincente Minnelli to another important man in Liza's life - - her ex- husband, David Gest.

You remember David Gest, right? Come on, people.

David "I Married Liza Minnelli and All I Got Was a Punch in the Face, Botox and This Lousy T-shirt" Gest.

Yeah, him.

Well, as these photos show, Vincente's similarity to Mr. Gest reveals a lot about our girl, Liza.

"Dr. Jung?
Elektra Complex - Line 1."

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