Monday, February 19, 2007


Apparently, I've been "tagged."

Now, being so new to this whole "world o' bloggers," I wasn't quite sure what that meant. I hoped that it meant some hot boy had just used that crazy Tag Body Spray on himself and instead of people falling all over him, he now wanted to get all over me. Alas and alack, that was not the case.

Yesterday on Bea's blog, she said that she was "tagged" and that, "In this version of tag you have to list 6 things about yourself that are 'weird' that no one knows."

Then, she "tagged" me. I responded in her comments section by saying...
"Now, how does this friggin' 'tag' thing work? You just have to say "tag" on your blog and I have to do whatever it is you say?

Remember when Clinton was president and we had 'choice?' Remember when America's biggest concern was jizz on a dress?"

But since G.W. is still in office...

...and seriously folks, we're only two bullets away from President Pelosi - - Won't someone "take one for the team" and just shoot those two motherfuckers named Dick and Dubya and give us our fucking country back?!?!?"

...I guess I now must obey the Blog Rules of the Tag and respond.

So, here goes.

Six Things That Are Weird About Me That No One Knows

(This will be hard for me because... well... define "weird.")

1) I am a HUGE James Bond freak. So much so that when TBS or Spike TV does one of those "Seven Day of 007" things where they play Bond movies in repetition over and over, I can flip the channel and in 1 to 2 seconds tell you exactly which one of the 21 Bond movies it is.

And for the record, NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN and the first CASINO ROYALE are NOT official Bond movies in my book because they were not made by Eon Productions.

See? That's how much of a Bond freak I am.

P.S. I own that James Bond Movie Posters book.

2) I TiVo more cartoons than you can imagine.

This is primarily because of my comic book addiction, so these days I don't miss a Saturday morning episode of THE BATMAN or THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES.

Last Saturday's LEGION episode was particularly good. Any time you get to see Matter- Eater Lad, it's a good day.

3) I have a fear of / hatred for performing or singing on the spot in front of people who did not buy a ticket for the express purpose of seeing me perform.

One example is performing at Davenport's in the front piano bar area. I will sing my hind end off in the back during one of my cabaret shows because the people in that room came there to hear me sing. But when I'm asked to get up and sing a song or two in front of the loud, drunk people in the piano bar, I decline.

My father never understands this. When he's drunk, which is 90% of the time, he'll open his wallet and throw a wad of cash at me and say, "Now, you'll sing, boy." No Sir, I won't.

I'm not sure if it's stage fright or if I just don't want to be one of those friggin' actors who has to be front and center all the goddamn time, but I only want to perform when everyone in the room is there for a performance. Odd? Yeah... I know...

4) Most of the theatre work I did in and around college was classical work - - no musical theatre or comedy. This may not be "weird" to some people, but it just proves that once people...

...and by people, I mean "directors, casting directors, agents and all of those 'learned professionals' who determine the course of actors' lives"...

...once "people" have labeled you as "this" or "that," they rarely if ever give you a chance to do anything else. And that, my dear, sucks.

5) My great- great- grandfather on my father's side was left on the steps of the Rader household with a note that I imagine said something like, "Please take care of my baby." The family took him in as one of their own and he became a Rader.

So, I don't really have a family tree - - I have a family shrub.

Yes, Southern Gothic themes just DRIP all over my life.

And last but not least...

6) I have really big balls.

Seriously. Really, really big.

That weird enough for ya?

And apparently, having fulfilled my obligation since being "tagged," I now must "tag" other bloggers.

However, I am adding Rader's Rules of Etiquette to this little tag game and I will allow those I now tag to decline if they do not wish to participate. So, there. Nyah.

I tag Michael (MK), Lance, and Mike. Oy...


Lance Noe said...

JESUS CHRIST! to quote the man at walgreens


Stephen Rader said...

Lance - I know, I know.

Yes, it's kinda like a chain letter... but at least it's a slightly fun chain letter.

Master Aaron said...

I think this "tag" game should be expanded such that former roommates tell things about the "tagged" that no one else knows. Especially those former roommates that are clever enough not to have blogs of their own, and therefore ineligible to be "tagged." When the rules are changed, someone please let me know, so that I can submit my Rad List. Incidentally, having lived an entire year with L'Rad, The Great I was only aware of numbers three and four on the presented list. Private little bitch, ain't he?

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - "Private bitch" indeed.

But come on, you had to know about my balls, right? :)

Bea said...

#7: Rader secretly LOVED being tagged. And we all know it!!

Stephen Rader said...

You only said SIX, not SEVEN things. If you had said SEVEN, I would have gotten to that one. Geez...

Michael said...


Stephen Rader said...

Michael - - Ummm... Did you READ my post?!?!?

"Tagging" means now YOU have to tell 6 weird things about yourself that no one knows.

Or, you can opt out by using Rader's Rules of Etiquette. It's your choice, sweetie-poopie.

Master Aaron said...

Rader, in all the time we lived together the only balls I saw were My Own. And those of visitors who had requested a quick trip to nirvana via slowly increasing...well some call it "torture", but I prefer "IMPROVEMENT". (Same number of syllables, with the addition of those delicious m-sounds.) You were afraid, Rader, you were very afraid. I think you kept them in a safety deposit box the entire year, just so they wouldn't inadvertently be IMPROVED.

Michael said...

Damn, I'll respond.....bastard....Isaiah can TYPE?!?!?!?!

Stephen Rader said...

Aaron - You're right. My balls were not with me when I lived with you. A certain "skank" had stolen them from me. But I have them back now, baby. Boy howdy, I have 'em back!

MK - Great! Respond! And be brutally honest. I want all uber- weirdness!