Sunday, February 25, 2007

"This is Our Once-A-Year Day"

The lovely Kelli Morgan has invited me to go with her and her boyfriend to an Oscar Party in Rogers Park.

So, I just walked through the sleet and snow and icy sidewalks of Boystown to go to Kafka to buy a couple of bottles of reasonably priced wine to bring with me.

And by "reasonably priced," I mean "cheap."

I have this to report:

The fags are out in numbers!

Buying booze, scuttling into bars to stake their claim to barstools in prime locations...

I saw friends sitting in the windows of bars. I saw friends getting out of cars to dash to the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus' event at Sidetrack. I saw friends finishing up their early dinners at HB.

It's Homo High Holy Day, folks!!!

Other Homo High Holy Days include (but are not limited to):



That's my friend Michael of "The Fashion Police" on the right.
Hey Michael, Angie Dickinson there is taller than you!


Gay Pride Day

I don't know these boys from Chicago's Gay Pride Parade, but... don't they look a little lost? Or a lot whiny?

"Brent, like, how much, like, longer do we have to, like, wear these, like, wings? The straps are, like, totally gonna, like,
fuck up my, like, tan!"


And my personal favorite Homo High Holy Day...

International Mr. Leather
(This one is Chicago specific)

Yeah, just a picture of the boots. I'll allow your imagination to drift... upwards...


So, I'm off to drink wine to counter- act the effects of watching Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana DePandi...

...they always cause me to have a little "throw up" in my mouth...

"Seacrest out!"

Note: Extra credit to the person who knows where the title of this posting comes from.


Lance Noe said...

Missy, you forgot the HIGHEST of the high holy days.... THE TONY AWARDS!!!!!!!!


Stephen Rader said...

Lance - I said "but not limited to." Geez. Give a girl a break!

Happy Oscars, baby. When are you coming to Chi-Town?

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm think the title of the blog comes from a song. Where the song comes from and who sang it originally I don't know. Pretty sure I've heard Harry Connick Jr. sing it though.

Stephen Rader said...

E - "Hey There!" You are SO on the right track!!! He was going to be my clue. Anyone else? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Rader!

Angie was taller because she was wearing heels, while I was wearing sensible flats!

Michael aka The Fashion Police.

P.S. We are haing lunch this week,yes? For your weekly spanking?

Stephen Rader said...

Michael - You're lucky... to quote Harvey, "I just can't walk in flats!"

And you know I'm always up for a Lunch Spanking - - anytime!

Lance Noe said...

i went to north korea this weekend! what did YOU do?

Stephen Rader said...

Lance - What did I do this weekend?

I cleaned my oven...

...and I'm not talking about kitchen work, O-kay!!!!