Saturday, October 27, 2007

Trailblazing Honey West!

Congratulations to my good friend Honey West for being one of this year's honorees at the Bailiwick Repertory Theatre's Trailblazer Awards!

She's joining quite an amazing group of individuals. Past recipients of the Traiblazer Award include Anthony Rapp, Charles Busch, Bruce Vilanch, Terrance McNally, Greg Louganis, Larry Kramer and my friend and fellow blogger, Alexandra Billings.

Alex received her award in '99 alongside Mr. Kramer and Mr. Louganis.

Honey is receiving her award alongside Dale Levitski, the hottie-patotie from TOP CHEF. The mohawk guy. Yum.

The closest I will ever get to being alongside stars like Mr. Levitski, Mr. Kramer OR Mr. Louganis is this picture, where I am alongside Honey herself (R) and my pal, Kate Martin (L).

I guess that makes me One Degree of Dale Levitski. MMMMM.... that makes me all moist and chewy inside.

Congratulations, Honey! You do so much for our community and are a brilliant entertainer. This award is well deserved.

P.S. Can anybody guess what show of mine that picture is from? And Alex, you can't comment because you directed it!


eric said...

is that Vampire Lesbians of Sodom??

Dovajorth said...

Most definitely Vampire Lesbians.

Stephen Rader said...

Eric & Doug - Yep. You guessed it!!! :)