Monday, October 01, 2007

The New Iron Man Theme Song

Blockade Boy's blog is becoming one of my new addictions.

In one of his posts today, he features a panel from INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and he deconstructs the art and the text BRILLIANTLY. The title of the post is IRON MAN: THE MUSICAL.

So, you know I loved it.

Then, I noticed a comment from Dave who has a blog entitled VANITY PRESS BESTSELLER.

Dave's comment in the IRON MAN: THE MUSICAL post was simply this...

Iron Man, Iron Man

Can do anything an iron can

Presses shirts, socks and ties

Leaves a burn mark where he lies

Oh yeah

Here comes Iron Man!

I laughed till I peed. Literally peed.

If that parody of the Spider-Man cartoon theme song isn't used for the upcoming Iron Man movie, the producers are fools!!!

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