Tuesday, October 23, 2007

TMI Tuesday

Last week's questions were all about dating. This week goes right for the erogenous zones. Here's this week's TMI Tuesday.

1. What are your 7 favorite tactile things that turn you on? Sex (like oral, or penetrative) cannot be an answer. (Examples: silk, light tickling, etc).

Let's see. Of the top of my head, I'll say: stubble, leather, rubber, sand, wax, a feather and silk.

Yes, I said, "wax."

If you've never had candle wax lightly poured onto your skin during sex, you have not fully experienced the beast with two backs. Go there. Trust me.

2. What are your non-genital erogenous zones and what do you like done to them?

My neck. My neck, my neck, my neck. All anyone has to do is kiss my neck and I'm gone. Well, not "gone," but more like "thrashing around like a mad dog."

Add the rubbing of a man's stubble (see Question #1) to that equation and all consciousness is sometimes lost.

3. What sounds get you sexually charged?

Another person being sexually charged. I'll admit it. I'm a talker. I'm a DIRTY talker. And I love to hear it. The dirtier, the better. If you think sex is something that should be done quietly and with reverence, walk on by because I like to talk!

Loud, dirty porn star talk. Minus the bad "thumpa-thumpa" music in the background.

4. After losing your virginity, what is the longest you’ve gone without penetrative sex?

What time is it?

5. What is your least favorite sexual position? Why don't you like it?

I don't really have one. I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth... or to begrudge the fact that I'm getting it, but not in my favorite position.

You wanna do me with one leg in the freeze, the other tied to a vent while I juggle bowling pins and whistle "Moonriver?" Let's go, Hoss!

Give it to me and I'm a happy guy.

Bonus (as in optional):If you could sexually dominate or submit to 5 people - any 5, currently living or deceased - which 5 would it be?

Humphrey Bogart - Just cause I think he'd be as great in a relationship as he looks like he'd be in bed.

Milton Berle - Just to see how big it really is.

Brad Pitt - Just to rub it in Angelina and Jennifer's face.

Robert Redford - Just so I could act out my Katie/Hubble fantasy montages from THE WAY WE WERE with him.

Shane Rollins - Just because that boy has everything I want and then some. Yum!


Bunny said...

Excellent answers! I can't believe I forgot about stubble (well, facial stubble anyway . . . ), a very sexy texture indeed.

Happy TMI!

Aaron said...

Feathers are my favorite things to use...I always love finding new "hot spots," too!

Stephen Rader said...

Bunny - Yep, stubble is PRIMO!!! Happy TMI!!! :)

Aaron - I love it when the other person's body jumps uncontrollably when you find one of their "hot spots." Very, very fun!

Dovajorth said...

My ears, man, my ears. A guy puts his tongue in there and I am helpless.

The neck/stubble combo is good, too.

My five people (from the bonus question):
Jonathan Schaech
David Burnham
Dean Phoenix
Stephen Rader
Trudy (a real woman but also Stephen's alter-ego)

Stephen Rader said...

Doug - Well, well... I'm in pretty good company there!! Especially that Trudy broad. She's fierce!!!

"Eat yer soup!"

whimsicalnbrainpan said...


Stephen Rader said...

Whim - I knew someone would say that!! :)

I mean sand between my toes or in my head. Or lying on sand. It's relaxing and sexual to me.

I don't mean sand creeping up your swimsuit after a day at the beach! LOL

Lance Noe said...

milton berle is suppose to have a big one? really?

Stephen Rader said...

Lance Noe - Oh, yeah. A big one. A REALLY big one! :)

Shirley Heezgay! said...

I know it's been awhile...but here we go...point by point.

1. Sand: totally sensual. Wax: totally sexual.

2. It's ALL about the neck-play.

3. I'm am totally about the sounds someone makes when I'm supplying the ecstasy.

4. That has been awhile.

5. I don't like being on my back. I like to work for it.

bonus: Paul Newman (in the day)
Keannu Reeves
Matthew McConnaughey
Chris Daughtrey
anyone in my Hubba Hubba sidebar....wink!!!

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley Heezgay - Love your answers!! Glad to know we're on the same page with sand, wax, the neck and being loud bitches in bed!!!

And yes, yes, YES to Matthew McConna-HEY!!!!