Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is That a Batarang in Your Utility Belt?

You know that Robin fix I need a hit for every 24 or 2 or 4 hours?

Well, these pictures will either send me over the abyss and into full scale "Boy Wonder Addiction" or they just might creep me out enough to give up on the Dark Knight's sidekick for a good, long while.

And speaking of "good" and "long," here are the pics. They're from Buzz Foto (obviously) and that's Frankie Delgado (whoever the Hell THAT is) as Batman, but Robin is Bruce Jenner's son, Brody Jenner.

And he's packin'. Seriously, y'all. Look at it.

There's a "Batpole" joke in there somewhere, but I'm not touching it.

Fuck, in trying to avoid a bad pun, I walked INTO a bad pun. I guess I'm just distracted by Brody the Boy Wonder's third leg.

Of course, I'm distracted, but apparently these Catwomen are too drunk to ever notice. Or if they are noticing, they sure as Hell aren't taking things into their own hands... so to speak...

Which is why, Brody, you should call me. Cause not only do I notice, I definitely know to take things into my own hands. And I make a great Nightwing.

But hold on. Is that Robin sexy or nasty? Or both? And by "both," I mean that place where the "nasty" somehow turns up the "sexy" a notch.

I'm so confused. Is it November 1st yet?


ATwistedThought said...

Robin has a big beautiful smile.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Are you sure it's real and he's not just stuffing?

roborange said... are on it. I just found that at as was about to send it to you.

Dirty minds think alike.

Stephen Rader said...

A Twisted Thought - Yes, he most definitely does. That ain't all that's "big" and "beautiful" on him. Guess you can tell where I look first on a man. :)

Whim - Maybe, but if you're going to stuff your Robin costume, wouldn't you make it gargantuan!?!? I mean, if you're gonna stuff it, STUFF IT!!!

Roborange - I love that we're on the same wavelength on so many things... such as hot straight boys sporting huge tents in their Halloween costumes!!

cb said...

I always liked Robin more than Batman... and now I know why!

Stephen Rader said...

CB - It's those gymnasts. They always have a little extra down below. :)

roborange said...

Turns out a Stylist at my office has sister (I think she said) or BFF that is in Frankie (Batman) circle of friends. I passed your link along to her. I will have to get more on it
once I see her again.

roborange said...

Six Degrees of 'Robin' from my galpal at work...

"uh uh! Frankie is a good friend of my cousin, Tristin. I have witnessed many a nights of their (frankie, wilmer valderamma, my cousin and that crew) debauchery out in south florida when I'd visit for the holidays. hooray young reality mtv"

Stephen Rader said...

roborange - SHUT UP!!! Can she get Frankie to introduce me to Robin, the Human Bat-Pole? :)