Monday, March 10, 2008

You Boys Kiss and Make Up

I got my weekly email from Threadless and found another t-shirt that I have to have.

This one is called "Make Love Not War" by Paul Burgess.

It kinda reminds me of this.



Anonymous said...

I LOVE this one. Me wants. :-)

Mark in DE said...

I'd love to have a t-shirt with these kissing Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots!

Mark :-)

cb said...

I'm so getting one. Hear that, all yous in Minnesota?

Michael said...

I am going to get one this week!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just so great. I was very disapointed that the painting "mash-up" of this tee, for sale at the Threadless storefront, was already sold by the time I clicked through to their site. Not that I was surprised. Not that I have $250. But I can still be indignant, can't I?
And does anyone know the origin of the anitmated gif? Who are those darling boxers? Was it a huge media frenzy that I was not privy to? I hate being not privy.

roborange said...

I will have to make a desktop wallpaper out of this. Post it and
give you credit.

philip said...

I stopped by the store the other day and tried this on. I wear a men's medium very comfortably.
I'm just saying . . .if you ever wanted to buy this kickboxing faggot a gift. . .yeah, I wear a medium.

Michael said...

I will model for and send you a picture, then you can all be JEALOUS!!!!!!