Monday, March 10, 2008

"The course of true love never did run smooth"

Sad news. Star Jone and Al Reynolds are getting a divorce.

I know. My faith in true love is shattered once more.

According to MSNBC...

"Nearly three and half years after they swapped 'I dos' at their corporate-sponsored wedding, Star Jones and Al Reynolds are calling it quits.

"The pair made one last public appearance at the Feb. 1 Baby Phat fashion show in New York City, but everything fell apart days later. That prompted Star to show Al the door ahead of schedule, the source said. 'Al moved some of his things out of their Upper East Side apartment and returned to Miami, where he’d already been spending a lot of time recently.'"

First off, if I were Star "Fat Fat Fatty, Mayoress of the BackFat" Jones, I would stay away from ANY event that contained the word "Phat," I don't care how it was spelled.

I mean, would Ryan Seacrest go to a "Baby Phag" fashion show? I doubt it.

Secondly, I think the move to Miami is going to be wonderful for Al.

There are so many wonderful bars for him to frequent.

And just look what Miami has done for Al Reynolds wardrobe. -->

As Christian Siriano would say, "Al looks Fierce!"


Aaron said...

Color us all stunned.

Michael said...

He's gay, she's a bitch. Like I didn't see THIS coming......

Michael said...

....and incidentally, Amy Poehler's Christian impersonation on SLN Saturday? PERFECTION!

ayem8y said...

Once again this confirms the fact that homosexuals should stay away from the word marriage.

Mark in DE said...

What a shocker! And I had such high hopes for Star and Big Gay Al.

You are too funny, Stephen! "Would Ryan Seacrest go to a Baby Phag fashion show? I think not." LOL!!!

Mark :-)

Bunny said...

Wait, you're not saying Al married Star to be his beard are you? Golly, whodathunkit?