Monday, March 31, 2008

"This is the day of the Cubs, y'all"

Today is the Opening Day for the Chicago Cubs.

I live a few blocks away from Wrigley Field. Last year, I was flying home from Tennessee on the Cubs' Opening Day and decided to drop by bags off at home before going downtown to work.

This was a HUGE mistake, because I got off of the Blue Line and waited for the Addison bus to take me east. With each block, the bus got more and more crowded. With Cubs fans. Who dressed the part. And who had been drinking, I think, since around 1918.

I was in Hell.

Thank God I will avoid all of that this year. Not that I've got anything against baseball or the Cubs.

Other than the fact that one game of baseball takes longer to play than a production of LES MISERABLES and MISS SAIGON combined.

And other than the fact that Cubs fans regularly walk through Boystown, where I live, and laugh and point and snicker (at the very least) at the gay bars, restaurants and shops around the corner from Wrigley.

Just like my Daddy told me about spiders, "They are more frightened of us than we are of them."

Still, Eric McCool sent me this picture of a baseball player to celebrate Opening Day.

If this dude is playing for the Cubs this year, I'll see you at the ballpark. Frequently.


joe*to*hell said...

goddamn you stephen rader

next time you have a post about "day of cubs" i wanna see hairy thick men naked.

you really fucked with me

i was soooo excited.

Stephen Rader said...

joe*to*hell - Oh, I'll give you some hairy, thick, naked men. You okay with sloppy seconds? Or you wanna join in my little cub orgy? :)

Java said...

Sports fans need to get a clue. Really. Who are THEY to come stomping through Boystown, not-their-territory, and snark at the boyz? Idiots.
Not all sports fans are like that. I am becoming a big fan of the Atlanta Braves, and I *so* don't fit the demographic those Cubs fans are in.

Polt said...

Sweet jesus, that photo....ya know, if ALL the baseball uniforms went shirtless, THEN, I'd be more interested in the sport!


roborange said...

Strictly being a BATTER, I would love for that CATCHER to play my in field.

Anonymous said...

*evil grin*
that pic is now my cell phone wallpaper and will stay there until the final out of the world series in october!

I WISH that the cubs (sorry....Cubs) went with THAT uniform for this year. Do something different for the 100th anniversary of the last World Series Title!! *grin*

Project Christopher said...

remember that odd weekend when a BIG Cubs rivalry weekend series was the same weekend as Market Days a few years ago?? In a BIG move of "work with your neighbor" the Cubs decided to schedule their games around our little holidays. How nice :)

Now about that ball player....

Aaron said...

I remember getting off the El at Addison a few years ago right after a Cubs vs. Cardinals game let out--my bad timing!

The Cardinals fans went out of their way to be polite and let everyone through the turnstiles. The Cubs fans refused to move for anyone, and just stood drooling, urinating themselves with the glassy-eyed expressions of the banjo player in "Deliverance."

They're losers. Big, drunk fucking losers, who make public transportation a nightmare. And they're always fratboy idiots from out of town or the north shore.