Friday, March 07, 2008

Imitation, Flattery, Hilary and The Hoff

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Whoever "they" are.

That is why I am stealing two things from Scooter over at Scootersville. Not only does his blog have an ElectionVine Polling Place (which I just added to ARE YOU THERE, BLOG, so vote, bitches - - you can vote once a month.), but it also has this video of Tina Fey from SNL endorsing Senator Hilary Clinton.

And his profile picture is this picture of "The Hoff," so you know I'm already in love with Scooter.

Check out this clip asap, before YouTube takes it away. Those bastards.


Rob said...

Re: web voting results. I think the web voting poll is reflecting opposite results. I voted for Hil, but Obama's % went up. I went in and changed my vote and his % went back down.

Scooter said...

Hi Stephen, thanks for the plug! As for Rob's voting issue, maybe it's one of those Republican voting machines...remember the Florida Jews voting for Pat Buchanan?

The House of Cloer said...

What's sad is that there was a time when the public chose the best candidate for the job. Today, all we are left with is a less of evils.

Hilary's record is less than stellar! I'm afraid if she is chosen to be our next president, America will go backward instead of forward. Like many in Congress, she has blood on her hands! She voted for the war, and she has said little in terms of supporting and encouraging our brave men and women in uniform.

Both she and her husband are like a plague that will not go away. The United States would fair better if the Clintons were like all other former first families, which is to say that once out of office they need to fade into obscurity.

What's even sadder is that the gay community embraces these lax leaders. Further, the gay community fails to remember "Don't Ask Don't Tell" and "The Defence of Marriage Act." These were Clinton sponsored initiatives that hurt millions of gays hoping to have equal protection under the law.

Without sounding disrespectful, I think it is wonderful that people are engaged in the electorial process. What's unfortunate is that millions of people are missing the point! A vote for Hilary is a vote for the status quo.

Thank you for giving me the ability to respond to your blog!

Stephen Rader said...

rob - As Scooter said, maybe it's a Jeb Bush thing. I'll look into it. :)

Scooter - Thank you for letting me steal... errr... "borrow" the Polling Place and the video. Love your blog!!!

house of cloer - Thank you so much for your comment. I can see your point and I was very upset after Bill came into office and we were given "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." I marched on Washington in '93 and I was disillusioned and upset because he wasn't in the city when millions of gays and lesbians who had voted him into office were they marching for our rights.

I feel differently about Hilary currently and for some reason, I don't trust Barack. I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like Obama will treat gays and lesbians the way that Bill Clinton did. And I feel that Hilary has the tools, the resources and the know-how to get things done in Washington.

Again, thank you for the comments. I very much enjoy the debate.

Aaron said...

"the Jeff Conaway of right-wing radio" I love that! (Except Jeff Conaway was actually CUTE once...Rush Limbaugh was always a hideous troll.)

I'm one of the few people who's on the fence regarding the candidates now...I voted for Hillary in the primaries, but knew Obama would take IL...and it's not that I didn't LIKE Obama, it's just that Hillary has chops and can get things done. And although I'm STILL angry about the Defense of Marriage Act and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but I think that maybe people will hold her to a higher standard this time than they did in the 90s. (And she will HAVE to listen to us if she doesn't want to be just like King George the Duh). Also, we need someone with experience who can get things done, like Tina said.

But I wouldn't mind Obama, either. People decry him for his "inexperience," but what's the difference between a guy like Obama, who's had less experience, and Ronald Reagan, who'd FORGOTTEN most of his by the time he got in?

Truly, it's the first time I've ever been HAPPY with our choices in 16 years. I just wish the two of them would stop their negative bullshit--I know they both want the nomination, but they're going to hurt our chances if they keep it up, and that's narcissistic on their part.

Palm Springs Savant said...

that clip is hilarious~

Danifesto said...

omg-Bitch is the new Black! I love it!