Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Kal-El

Leap Day came and went and most of us overlooked a SERIOUS birthday that should have been celebrated.

Just a few days ago on February 29th, Superman turned 70!

There are a few people who claim Kal-El's birthday is celebrated on another day, or that he celebrates both his Kryptonian birth date and the date that his rocket landed in Smallville, but most of the big wigs who oversee the DC Universe recognize February 29th as the date.

Why did they choose February 29th as Superman's birthday? Well, according to the Superman Homepage...

"The idea that Superman's birthday is February 29 initially began as a lark. DC editors explained tongue in cheek in comic book letter columns that Superman remained eternally youthful because he was born on Leap Day, February 29, which occurs only once every four years.

n DC celebrated Superman's 50th anniversary in 1988, they treated February 29 as the Man of Steel's birth date. Even a "TIME" magazine cover-story (March 14, 1988 cover dated magazine) commemorating the 50th anniversary (with a cover by John Byrne) declared for all of America that Superman's birthday is February 29."

I guess if Time Magazine says it's your birthday, it's your friggin' brithday. Don't mess with Time Magazine!

So, happy 70th Kal-El.

I now understand why I spent most of my Saturday watching Superman Returns on HBO. I sat glued to the tv screen even though I own the special edition dvd of the film.

Brandon Routh. Yum.

He doesn't look 70, does he?

He doesn't look a day over gorgeous.


cb said...

Meh. Superman can suck my kryptonite kock.

Polt said...

Well, since it only happens once every four years, he's not really 70, he's actually 17.5.

No wonder he looks so young, he's not even technically an adult yet.


Anonymous said...

Man of Steel? He should do Viagara ads.

Anonymous said...

For me, Tom Welling will always be the Man of Steel. I'd love to see that man in some spandex...