Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Windy City QueerCast Co-Host

Hey, y'all. I'm back on the Windy City QueerCast this week.

In fact, I'm now one of three revolving co-hosts of the QueerCast. Another is my fabulous friend, Ms. Alexandra Billings. All three of us will be working with full-time co-host and all around brilliant lesbian, Amy Matheny.

This week, we talk a little about showtunes and Sidetrack and a lot about Dolly Parton and Project Runway.

I know. Shocker, huh?

So, if you don't already get enough of me on here, subscribe to the Windy City QueerCast on your iTunes. And listen to me in all my syllabant "s" glory.

As if talking about showtunes and Project Runway wasn't gay enough, why do I sound like a tire with a slow leak when I talk? Does God just not WANT me to get laid or something? Oy...


cb said...

So what did you sssssay about Sssssidetrack and ssssshowtunessss??

(I kid!)

Shirley Heezgay! said...

"how old are you? you don't have to tell me. in your thirties? late thirties? middle thirties? early thirties? early twenties? late twenties?"

you slay me! that poor girl!

Stephen Rader said...

cb - Funny. That's funny. Kick a man in the insecurities, why don'tcha?!?! :)

shirley - I knew I was in trouble when I said, "How old are you?" and the look on her face was one of sheer terror. I was back-pedaling like a bitch!!!

Mark in DE said...

You even SOUND cute.

Mark :-)

Shirley Heezgay! said...

all i know is i want to sit at a table having sssssssssaucy matininissssssss with you and ssssssssinging ssssshowtunessssss.

you rule my school!

Aaron said...

Your own wing of Sidetrack, eh? Does this mean we've all been trespassing? How much rent do you charge? (For the room, I mean.)

She was having just TOO much fun with Alex a few weeks ago--thank heavens you were there to dampen the mood! ;-)

Stephen Rader said...

mark - Aren't you sweet. Thank you!

shirley - WE rule the school!!!!

aaron - Am I boring on this thing? Please tell me. I just talk off my head and have no idea if I'm good at it or not. Alex is Alex, but me?

Aaron said...

I was totally kidding...you were fun!