Thursday, March 27, 2008

Father & Son Campaign for Harvey Dent

Nothing - - and I mean NOTHING - - makes a man more attractive, sexier or makes me want to shake his hand and be his friend than a man who publicly shows his love for, and shares his love of life with, his children.


The folks promoting THE DARK KNIGHT have been encouraging people to download posters and buttons and the like with the phrase "I Believe in Harvey Dent" or "Take Back Gotham City! Vote Harvey Dent!"

Harvey Dent, for you non-fanboys, is the D.A. who later becomes one of Batman's archvillains, the coin-flipping Two-Face.

Over at, there are several pictures of people all around the country showing their support of Harvey Dent.

This is my favorite one. The caption says...

"Jett and son campaigning at the Texas State Capitol, Austin"

I officially nominate Jett for Father of the Year.

I think this picture proves he's just about the coolest dad known to man.

"I Believe in Harvey Dent!"


Tina said...

I Believe in Harvey Dent, Naked. *thumbs up*

Stephen Rader said...

tina - Amen to that, baby! Harvey Dent naked! Amen!

Tina said...

They must make the appropriate signage. (^_^)

Not that Type of Raven said...

You can have Harvey, Bruce is mine! =P