Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"When the Night Has Come and the Land is Dark..."

This just made me weep, as Diane says in The Little Dog Laughed, as if I "had been reunited with a birth parent."

My post about my depression last week led to so many different conversations...

So many people are dealing with the deaths of family members and close friends. So much cancer is ripping through the people that we love. So many of our neighbors have lost their jobs, can't pay their rent and have no way to put food on the table for their children. 

If there was ever a time for us to come together and love, nurture, care and support one another, it is now. It's not just an American problem, it's global. It's not about black or white, gay or straight, old or young, it's all of us. 

I know this clip is almost Speilberg-ian in its manipulation of emotion, but after thinking about all of our current tragedies, I couldn't help crying. I still am.

"Stand by Me" performed by musicians around the world from SKAT on Vimeo.


Kevin said...

thank you

Project Christopher said...


At first I thought it was just a nice video sending a message. As soon as the Twin Eagle Drum Group guy was shown putting the headphones on with his head dress... there we go... it was welling eyes the rest of the way.

Can imagine the fun and joy it would be to travel the world putting something like that together?

Aaron Hunt said...

When you're right, Rader, you're right. Right again. So true.