Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Debbie, When Life's Got You Down..."

Last night, I hit Trader Todd's with Michael for a quick bite (and a quick hug from the always beautiful and cheerful Sandy) before we took in the opening night of Porchlight Music Theatre's "Pacific Overtures."

How can I be depressed when I'm listening to the song that Sondheim considers to be his favorite song he's ever written ("Someone in a Tree")? And how can I be depressed when Charissa is there - - in red boots!

I think, to get myself out the rest of my bad mood, I should follow Debbie's advice from this video...

That may not make me feel better, but it would sure make being depressed a Hell of a lot more fun!


Project Christopher said...

OK, here I go. Where's my peach schnapps?

kansastock said...

Hilarious! And Chris, you don't need peach schapps for this 'concept' to work... guaranteed.