Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Drat! The Cat!"

Those you who follow Project Runway the way I do - - with a religious fervor bordering on addiction - - will recognize last season's contestant (and yes, I was tempted to spell that word exactly the way it sounds when referring to) Kenley Collins.

Have you heard that Kenley attacked her (now ex-) fiance, Zak Penley, by throwing one of their two cats on him while he was sleeping?

This proves what we all knew. Anyone who talks to the always lovely Tim Gunn with a rude sass mouth is, at the core of her being, a nutty, psycho bitch.

After throwing the cat on Mr. Penley, Kenley threw her laptop at him (proving that she's also a STUPID, nutty, psycho bitch), slammed his hand in a doorway, doused him with water and ended the fight by throwing three apples at him. (Not two. Three. WTF?)

She is under orders to stay away from Zak's apartment, but this past Wednesday, the police escorted her into the apartment so she could retrieve her belongings.

So, what do you do when your 15 minutes are up and the police have to escort you as you move out of the residence you shared with your ex-fiance? Well, as you can see, you pose for pictures WITH the police, of course! (Sweet Jesus...)

I'm not sure which is crazier - - throwing your cat on your sleeping fiance or marrying that man and changing your name to "Kenley Penley."  I mean, "Shirley Feeney-Meaney," anyone?


McCool said...

I don't understand why the police didn't have her stand outside and let him throw her stuff out the window...CATCH, BITCH!

Java said...

But her outfit looks fab.

cb said...

I never liked her. Ever.

Viking Zombie Boyfriend said...

(affects odd, nasal whine)

Well I'm SORRY if you don't UNDERSTAND why she threw THREE apples instead of TWO apples but she grew up on a TUGBOAT OKAY? so she doesn't have any FRIENDS because everybody is AGAINST her and they don't UNDERSTAND how GREAT her sense of STYLE is I mean she wasn't TRYING to beat the crap out of her boyfriend in a LOGICAL MANNER HEIDI OKAY? so if you don't GET it that's just your PROBLEM.

(resumes normal speaking voice)

But seriously, what a freakin' nutjob.

yellowdog granny said...

just creating the myth that all models are psycho..uh ...they are aren't they?

buddha_girl said...

I always hated her on last season. When she got sassy-assed with Tim, I wanted to climb through the screen and scratch her eyes out. I loved the episode when she had to return to the apartment for the finalists and face the others after having been such a crotchety bitch.

She deserved every nasty look and catty comment. Catty. Hrumph. Poor kitty being thrown at a sleeping man. Dirty little whore should get stomped on the subway for tossing the cat at her ex.

Prospero said...

Ahhhhhhh! Don't let her eat me!! I've seen saner expressions on Charlie Manson's face. Absolutely everything I hate about "Reality" TV and its demi-celebrities, humiliating themselves (and nauseating us) for their five minutes of fame. By the way, these two morons can get married, but I can't?

PS - Hope you're feeling better!

Avenjer said...

Kenley (aka Mrs.White) says: "Yes...yes, I did it. I threw the cat at Yvette (Heidi, her ex, Tim Gunn, random stranger, etc) I hated her SOOO much. It, it---the feel--it----flamed, flames---FLAMES! On the side of my face! Breathing--breathless--heave--heaving breaths, HEAVING BREATHS!"

the joy said...

you know, i almost didnt notice the police... im sure id have the same look on my face had i thrown a cat at my fiance and someone wanted to take a picture of me... if i was joan collins that is. shes screaming in her head about the hangers as we speak.

julia gulia anyone?