Thursday, March 19, 2009

"But Rick, Hide Me! Do Something! You Must Help Me! RICK!"

I just saw this picture of Katie Holmes on the Chicago Tribune's site and I'm sorry, this woman is in trouble.

Being Tom Cruise's wife must be pretty fucked up if it can turn Katie Holmes into Peter Lorre!

And not just ANY Peter Lorre, but Peter Lorre as Napoleon (wtf?!?)!

I guess Tom wanted her to resemble a bud-eyed man who was closer to his height.

Apparently, when director Vincent Sherman asked Peter Lorre how he endured playing Mr. Moto in eight films, Lorre replied...

"I took dope."

Let's hope and pray Katie's got a good dealer.


Mike said...

Let's hope and pray Katie's got a good dealer.

I'm afraid she doesn't...cause if she did she wouldn't look so fucking miserable.

Aaron said...

WE'RE the ones that need a dealer--every time we watch her try to act. Did you see "Thank You For Smoking?" CHRIST, she was hideously awful.

As far as her personal problems, I'm afraid it's a case of "caveat emptor." Nobody twisted her arm and FORCED her to marry that gay midget.

(Or did they??)

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

I have some pity for her. A lot of people get into cults that won't let them out, using threats and even their own children to keep them restrained.

But I am completely disillusioned to know that Mr. Moto was on dope.

Aaron said...

That's true, they're a scary group...ironically, if she suddenly became poor, she'd be of no interest to them.

buddha_girl said...

I'm officially in love with you. The best post I've seen in eons.