Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"After the Third Flip, I Lost Control"

My mother casually informed me today that she has been watching RuPaul's Drag Race. Andt hat she loves it.

This proves that homosexuality in America has, indeed, "Jumped the Shark."

Or perhaps it just means that RuPaul's show will join RuPaul himself, the Queer Eyes for the Straight Guy and Will & Grace in that category of "Popular Culture Acceptance" that gay men and women will wish they could erase 50 to 100 years from now.

You know that category. The category of laughing at us and not with us. The category where gay men who are funny are approved of, but if gay men have or attempt to use a penis, lynch them. 

I couldn't get into RuPaul's Drag Race, unlike many of my friends. I didn't get it and still don't. 

And maybe 50 years from now, we won't look back on the show like its some queer Amos 'n' Andy, but I think my mother, after going on and on about how beautiful the guys on the show are, said it best...

"I guess the older I get, the more I get into watching trash."

Yay! We've made it onto cable television and people in the Heartland think we're beautiful, but laugh at us and call us trash. Well done, Ru. Well done!


Java said...

I haven't been brave enough (or desperate enough) to watch RuPaul's Drag Race. And speaking of mothers, mine told me last year that she is becoming a fan of NASCAR. I was appalled. I blame my brother. I should have expected as much, though, when she dissed my interest in baseball.

Lance Noe said...

I watched the race and i loved it!

I thought it was fab but then again i think of drag not as a "gay thing" as much as a "theatrical thing" no different than any other play or musical where actors change themselves to become another character.

Its like high fashion designing, no body going to run out and buy that shit but it is nice too see!

I think the gay community needs to lighten up a bit about "our image" on TV. i mean if it is out there and some 12 year old sees it and feels better about who he is, will be, wants to be then how is that wrong?

My first "image" of a gay person i ever saw was Aidan Quinn in a made for TV movie called "an early frost" and i thought for DECADES that all gay mean were going to die of aids and have their family kick them out. And that show still stays/haunts me to this day.

at least these are positive and accepting images.

and shows like Amos and Andy weren't done by the black community, they were done TO them. we are at least in control of these shows to a certain extent.

I was just thinking the other day how gays are included in almost every reality show on TV. They are treated like everyone else. amazing race, hell's Kitchen Top chef, top model, top.... god i watch too much reality TV. I think it is great that we are there! That we succeed in these shows and our "image" is out there for the world to see.

We have to start somewhere!

I don't mind starting at the bottom because there is only one other way to go.

jer said...

i love it.

it's a silly fun good time.

yellowdog granny said...

what channel is it on? i have to see this..i love ru paul...

Prospero said...

A few years ago, I sadly got sucked into Bravo's "Boy Meets Boy." Watcvning it made me want a shower. After that, I swore off "reality" TV forever

Bob said...

Oh lord. It's a fun show. And it's a reality show. Not a queer bashing show.

John said...

I haven't seen Drag Race, but I used to feel the same way about reinforcing potentially negative gay stereotypes.
To say I've mellowed on the issue would be an understatement.
I do think there's a lot to be said for "presence" in whatever capacity it manifests itself. I'd rather the general population lump us all in to categories like "campy, queenie and funny" if it contributes to the greater consciousness of: "among you" and "harmless".
Some gay guys, and lesbians fit the classic stereotypes, and they should be celebrated for who they are.
I know to the masses, they represent us all, but really, they just represent themselves like every individual on the planet. I say if you're not hurting anyone and your intentions are good, then "Shine all your light" - more power to you!

Mark in DE said...

I have to agree with Lance Noe. It was a fun show with some great lines from RuPaul. For too many years the only representation of gays on TV or film was gay men dying of AIDS. I think its healthy to widen our exposure to gays in all kinds of settings and circumstances.

Bea said...

I don't really have anything to say about this, but can you PLEASE take away that picture of a lady snuggling a grandma doll on your sidebar? It's giving me the heebs.

Michael said...

RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE is a campy car wreck - plain and simple. Just like me, I guess.......plain and simple, not a camp.....oh you know what I mean.