Friday, March 27, 2009

Fratboy Fridays


Clothes from Abercrombie & Fitch. That body he won in the genetic lottery.
But those eye brows? He stole those from Ann Miller.

Post-Sugar Babies Ann Miller. Way, way post-Sugar Babies.



He's sort of looks like Paul Newman as Brick from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
combined with a little Sly Stallone in the first Rocky movie screaming, "Yo, Adrian!"

Two great tastes that taste great together.
I'm assuming.



When you and your friends are mooning the camera, 
and you turn around to check out all the ass candy your buddies are displaying, 
it sort of screams "Seacrest," if you know what I mean.



Drinking alone could be a sign of alcoholism, but posing with alcohol? 

That's just hot.


Mike said...

God knows I'm not judging on the last one but I think "posing with alcohol" signifies hot because it's means "younger than 21 but older enough to be legal..or at least moral"

As for the eyebrows...I didn't even notice. But now that you've forced me to look at his face, I'm concerned that brows like that are going to be the new Guido signifier. Body shaving I can deal with and even sometimes appreciate. Overtanning til you get orange is sometimes even charming. But Broadway eyebrows is a couple of steps too far.

Stephen Rader said...

As long as Chris Hanson isn't showing up at my house with the DATELINE NBC crew, I'm good to go!

And the Broadway eyebrow is uber-gay, and yet I don't have it. Me - - the musical theatre fan with Merman's disco album on my iPod - - I don't have something described as "Broadway," but some straight dude does.

If enough of them find that out, this little eyebrow plucking trend will end in no time. :)

Aaron said...

"Posing with alcohol? That's just hot."

Posing with alcohol next to your crotch as a penis proxy?? Less so.


Kevin said...

Mr. Alcohol is going to come out when he finishes college. There's a bottle of Hypnotiq, and if that's not gayface, i don't know what is.