Tuesday, March 03, 2009

"Two Guys, a Girl (and an Invisible Jet)"

This was just released at Threadless.

I want this.

So bad.

The t-shirt would be nice, too.

It's called Bat & Rob.

And it's kinda of perfect.

I love the mask on the robin. 

Cute. Friggin' cute.

P.S. Is anyone else going to pick up the new Wonder Woman animated film being released today? It looks pretty damn cool...

Maybe the Borders on State Street will surprise me for once and actually have items in the store that I want to purchase. Instead of multiple copies of Ann Coulter's new book.

Hmmm... Ann Coulter is sort of a real-life super villain. I'd love to see her play Cheetah in a live action Wonder Woman movie. Just to see ass get beaten to a pulp.


Anonymous said...

just watched the movie and while there are some things I didn't like or thougt were just wrong....it is great and the final scene was worth the hole f'n movie!!!

cb said...

You really don't want that t-shirt. These aren't the t-shirts you are looking for. Just go about your business. Move along.

Aaron said...

If somebody beat Ann Coulter to a pulp, they would discover that she is nothing more than a scrawny, hollow pinata filled with pigeon poop...and even that would be dried out and insubstantial.

Actually wouldn't mind seeing the Wonder Woman movie. I dread the live-action one they keep talking about, where Mischa Barton is mentioned as the frontrunner for the lead. (Go home, little girl, and iron your Brownie uniform. You must be "this" tall to wear that onesie with the eagle on the chest...)