Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama: Time for a Change

I love Alex Ross. I've never met the man, and yet I love him.

His art is inspired and brilliant. If you're a comics fan and you're not reading Super Powers these days, you are truly missing out.

And now, Alex Ross has given us this image - - Obama: Time for a Change.

Time for a Change? Amen to that, sister. Amen to that.

Graffiti Designs is offering this image on a t-shirt.

A t-shirt of this image would go wonderfully with a pair of Obama '08 Boxer Briefs, don't you think?

And if that incredible image of Obama doesn't clue you in to Mr. Ross' political preferences, the image to the left is his take on George W. Bush.

That truly says it all, doesn't it?


Polt said...

I always like Ross' artwork, but when I saw the Bushvampire sucking the blood out of liberty shot a few years back, I fell in love with him.

Might have to make the Obama one my background for a while. :)


Aaron said...

That Bush vampire is genius. Plain fucking genius. In fact, I want that T-shirt!

Mark in DE said...

Very clever! I want one.

Mark ;-)

cb said...

I think I need the Bush t-shirt!