Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watchmen Motion Comics

In addition to the boffo opening weekend for The Dark Knight - - which I am finally going to see today... I can't wait!!! - - and the trailer for The Watchmen movie which was just released, DC Comics is offering up another fanboy Watchmen treat on iTunes.

It's a new comic form called Motion Comics and The Watchmen is the first comic or graphic novel to receive this treatment.

Dave Gibbons' illustrations are used and certain images move.

There is also voiceover to accompany the word balloons, musical underscoring and some sound effects.

I'm sure some purists will hate it, but if watching an episode or two of The Watchmen in this form encourages more people to buy and read the graphic novel, I think it's great.

The best part is - - at least for the next week or so - - the first episode is free on iTunes. So, go check it out.

And then let me know how I can make a Rorschach mask with ink blots that actually move.

A Rorschach mask with moving ink blots, a harness, combat boots and chaps.

That's what I call a Saturday night.

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whimsical brainpan said...

Rorschach mask with ink blots that actually move!?!

Now that's cool!