Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Imagine Bruce Wayne with Three Wards. All Named Dick.

Seduced by the New... just posted this picture from Dynamite Comics hit comic miniseries, Project Superpowers.

The book focuses on heroes from The Golden Age who vanished just after World War II and have now returned.

I love this series. The art by Alex Ross is, as always superb.

And I love Golden Age superheroes. What's not to love?

The Flame
? Big Blue & Sparky?

And is there anything gayer than that Fabio lookalike named Samson with his boy sidekick, David?!?

Yes. There is. Check out V-Man with his V-Boys. Seduction of the Innocent, indeed.


David said...

Dude, where's my Samson? Sign me up.

And I think V-Man and the V-Boys lost their V-cards long long ago. (To each other, of course.) :-p

Polt said...

Ya know, I thought I was the only person reading this! I don't really know what's going on, cause I'm waiting for them all to come out and then I'll read them at once. but, yeah, when i saw the photo, I thought the same thing about V-Man. :)


Stan said...

Cyclone and Grim Reaper look hot standing next to each other. Wish I could get between them.

Polt said...

I just read the title to this post...laughed my ass off, right here at work.....not a good thing. :) but really funny!


Project Christopher said...

Grim Reaper, Rocketman, Cyclone... and Jack.


WTF kinda superhero name is that?

I will admit, he's working that cape lined with the horizontal stripes. Can you see him eyeing the 3 paned mirror thinking "Do these horizontal stripes make my ass look fat?"

If there was ever a doubt that comics were latently homo.... here's your proof. There's more flame here than at Circuit on Pride night