Thursday, July 24, 2008

SPAM Humor

I receive hundreds of spam emails every day in my work email account.

Most of them are the usual drivel - - mortgage offers, wholesale Viagra, penis enlargement (Why is it that no one ever wants a vagina enlargement?) - - but the one I just received is so ridiculous, it borders on the brilliant...

The Obama subject line alone is offensive, but when coupled with the fact that Jesus destroyed Madonna's former home, it moves the whole thing into the world of the moronic.

I'm almost tempted to click on the link. Almost.


Aaron said...

I always avoid those nasty links and go the less risky route: type into your browser the domain name that the e-mail supposedly came from ( Apparently it's some kind of online Japanese sword store.

Tune in again next week for "Samurai Douchebag!" :-)

Ryan Barrett said...

I received one at work the other day with the subject: "Britney Spears Stashed Guns In Her Vagina - Papparazzi Duck For Cover." The body of the e-mail contained vital information on the future of the world. I was told: "Britney Spears Pregnant With Antichrist." I was a little shocked that Britney has both guns and the Antichrist up in her cooch - it must be very spacious.

Anatomicsd said...

Most men are intimidated by vaginas already. If they got any bigger there would be a massive drop in pregnancy/population.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

in my inbox:

"farm sluts fuck farm beasts"

that was promptly deleted, and unclicked yet the effects linger.

Project Christopher said...


Ryan, I laughed out loud (and snorted a little) reading about Britney's Hootchie Gun Holster! What a RIOT!

I love the LOOOONG emails from Princess Fatima Al-a-Boo-Boo who is looking to place her multi millions in the hands of some trusted (yet blindly random) American like me, but with all her millions she's got a hotmail email address... go figure.

Java said...

I love spam humor. It brightens my day to find a really good one in my spam folder. I am particularly fond of Schlong spam wanting to increase the size of my penis. Being a girl of the female persuasion, I don't personally have a penis, though I will admit to having access to one.
My other favorite spam concerns colon cleansing. I am usually not fond of potty humor, but there's something funny about someone wanting to help me clean out my colon.

Bunny said...

Why is it that no one ever wants a vagina enlargement?

Wow, you really are gay, aren't you?

We don't want a vagina enlargement because the goal is smaller & tighter, not larger and more spacious (unless you're Britney and need gun storage room).

Besides, if we want an enlargement, we just give birth. (Though I must note that I had c-sections with both kids, for which my husband and assorted lovers are forever grateful.)