Friday, July 11, 2008

Fratboy Friday

A late-in-the-day (because my internet connection at work is STILL not working) edition of Fratboy Friday...


That's a tennis court behind him but the sign says golf.

Jeans for tennis? Not likely, so he's a golfer? Is this what golfers wear these days?

Is this what golfers LOOK LIKE these days?

Are golfers the new swimmers?

(And me without a driver. Story of my life)

I can just see his Manhunt profile now...

"Early 20's, 5'10", 150, 8 cut, dark hair & eyes, toned,
smooth golfers body seeks same. Under par only. Birdies a plus!"



Sure, he's attractive but I keep thinking of something Larry David once said...

"You know who wear sunglasses inside? Blind people and assholes."



Sand in your swimsuit - - there really is no other way to rinse it all out, is there?

And if there is, don't tell him! Keep your mouth shut and enjoy the view.



When alcohol consumption turns Foosball into a HIGHLY erotic game between you and your frat brother, to the point that you're both making those pseudo-sex faces that are half erotic and half Disney's Goofy by way of Corky from Life Goes On, it should tell you something.

It should tell you that you're only hours away from more, shall we say, hands-on games like "Mine Is Bigger Than Yours (I'll Show You. Wanna See? Well, I'll Show You Anyway)"...

...Which inevitably leads to that popular frat game "Show Me How You Masturbate! Using My Penis!" (otherwise known as "That's Not the Clutch, But Don't Stop, Keep Shifting!")...

...And after the Goldschlager kicks in, they just might play one of my all time favorite games, "Brotherly Tea Bagging."

I never noticed it before, but if you used the wrist action needed for competitive Foosball and applied it to... other areas... Hey, where's that Goldschlager?


Polt said...

the drunk, that sign behind them, are THEY available for summer rentals? hell I'll take them BOTH for the WHOLE summer!!!


homo superior said...

oh my goddess! that first youngun' with the little bit of hair between his pecs? Words fail me.