Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Let's Put A Smile On That Face"

Yet another amazingly kick-ass poster for The Dark Knight.

Can any other movie this summer - - or in any summer in recent memory - - even touch the superb marketing that has been given to this movie?

I haven't even seen The Incredible Hulk yet. The big green guy never was one of my favorites. Not even the 70's tv show.

Bill Bixby turning into a green Lou Ferrigno? Meh.

Bill Bixby watching Ray Walston grow antennas out of his head? Oh, Hell yeah! Bring it on!

But back to this poster. It's finally July. Let the countdown to the midnight first showing of The Dark Knight begin!

Thanks to Newsarama for the new poster!


Polt said...

I'm just a bit worried that the movie might not live up to all the hype. but don't get me wrong, I'm seriously HYPED about the movie! Going to a Midnight showing the night it opens!! Whoo-hooo!


Project Christopher said...

I truly truly TRULY hope that this movie delivers. You're right, I can't recall a movie recently that has done so well to market. However, the ones I do recall couldn't and didn't live up to the hype.
Crossing my fingers for you Dark Knight.

Project Christopher said...

I'm doing my morning routine of tour-de-blog and ran across this over at Jockohomo. Stephen, are you THIS much a Batfan?

Mark in DE said...

The marketing budget for this movie must be enormous! Let's hope the ticket sales will justify it.

Mark :-)

cb said...

I sort of subscribe to the tenet "the harder they market, the harder they fall".

Just look at Speed Racer...