Friday, February 29, 2008

Fratboy Friday

A Leap Day Fratboy Friday.

Speaking of this being Leap Day, since this is an added extra day that only comes once every four years, why are working today? Shouldn't this be a massive holiday? A little bonus day for four years of services rendered? Ah well, let's not argue. Let's just look at the boys...


Nothing says "Welcome to the Weekend" quite like this picture.

When you are sitting in a locker room with your cap on backwards and your tongue sticking out, what exactly are you asking for me to do?

No wait, let me guess. So many possibilities....



Both of these boys are incredibly hot, but check out the one on the left.

I love it when suburban white boys try to pose all gangsta by slightly holding their junk in one hand and flashing a gang symbol / peace sign with the other. It's so adorable.

It's hard out here for a pimp, isn't it, sweetie?



Nothing like two friends relaxing at home with beer, popcorn and their asses hanging out of their shorts. Good times...



You know it's time to give "beer, bromance and buddy-to-buddy blowjobs" a try when you and your friends...

1) Strip completely naked on a public beach,

2) Demonstrate your mad sexual skills by publicly humping water bottles and,

3) Ensure that everyone sees your naked, water-bottle-humping asses by shouting into a megaphone, "Attention ladies, me and my buddies are naked and humping water bottles, yo!"

...and yet, not one woman in a 50 mile radius even glances in your direction.

I love the woman in the background. So blasé about three naked guys on a beach. Atta girl.


Aaron said...

It almost looks like she's calling to the group on the other side:

"Hey, Diane...what did the ship menu say was for dinner tonight? Tilapia? Oh, brills! I hope they serve that kick-ass pilaf, too. I just love that rice pilaf!"

Stephen Rader said...

aaron - That is EXACTLY what she is saying!! She has three penises in front of her and she's going on and on about tilapia!!!!

Polt said...

Maybe it's not the ladies these lads are showing off for, eh? Maybe it's the other boys? Or is that just in my mind that things like that happen?


Java said...

I like that boy in a cap. He's waiting for you, Stephen!

Oh, and I think your current imaginary boyfriend is HOT!

Marc Acito said...

These hite guys with the gangsta symbols remind me of my middle aged friends who call each other "Dude." It's just wrong.

cb said...

I'll take the one in Yellow...