Friday, February 15, 2008

Fratboy Friday

If March 15th is "The Ides of March," then logic would suggest that February 15th is "The Ides of February."

Yet, "The Ides of February" is the 13th day of February, not the 15th.

I know what you're thinking...
"Who really gives a fuck? Unless you're Caesar. And it's March. And there's a soothsayer following you around. What's the friggin' point?"

Well, after reading that Ides fact, you can tell the I.T. guy at your office that you read Fratboy Friday for the fascinating cultural insights and information it provides to readers on a weekly basis.

The homo-erotic male nudity is beside the point. It's just there for filler.

Fratboy Friday:
Educating the masses one drunken, half-naked, pants-around-his-ankles college boy at a time.

Let's begin the lesson...

Just keep saying to yourself, Stephen...

"Soon, it will be July. Soon, the sand will replace snow. Soon, shirtless hotties will lay on the beach with six packs of beer and abs and offer both to you. "

Hey, it's my summer fantasy. I could happen...



Look at this boy. You could serve drinks off his ass.

And even if your drink fell from his "back shelf," you wouldn't mind having to lick the alcohol out from where the sun don't shine, would you?



Little Jack Horner sat in the corner,
Looking at several full moons
He put in both thumbs until they went numb,
And said, "Dude! Relax! I'm stuck!"

Dude, "Two Thumbs Up" is probably not the best way to rate a bunch of drunk mooners.
It looks like an invitation. I'm just sayin'...



Again, this is what would happen if a group of straight men had formed The Village People.

Can't Stop the Music seems like a better movie now, doesn't it?


Mark in DE said...

Thanks for those installments!

Mark :-)

Polt said...

Oh....your sagger....oh....well, you've actually made Uncle Polt speechless.