Friday, February 08, 2008

Fratboy Friday

I'm a busy boy these days. This week and half of next week, I'm doing double duty - - work and LYLE each morning in Arlington Heights at the Metropolis Performing Arts Center.

That is my only excuse for a very late Fratboy Friday.


I know a band on the left arm means "Top." but what does a band on the right upper thigh mean?
Is that covered in the Hanky Code?



Eeny, meeny, miny, both of 'em.



This never happens at any of my parties.

Of course, everyone at my parties disrobe when they walk in the door, so mooning is kind of beside the point.



If these boys decided to sell those cups on eBay, they could make a fortune.

After their junk has been in them, you could serve a drink in one of those cups to an unwanted party guest and wait for them to say things like...

"That taste... I've had that taste in my mouth before."


"This drink has a wang in it."


Fr. Fozy Bear said...

Damn that first pic made me get wet in all weird sort of ways.

Oh the drool factor.

Thank you for making my Sunday warm and fuzzy.

Aaron said...

Oh, Stephen--just for that quote, I'm going to have to shove a potato in your tailpipe. :-)

Stephen Rader said...

fr. fozy bear - Anytime Father Fozy. Anytime!!! Those pics are the only thing keeping me warm on these sub-zero Chicago days!!

aaron - Don't tell me you know the movie that those quotes are from? Do you? I bow to your superior pop cultural reference level!

Shirley Heezgay! said...

mr ball cap's underwear has GOT to be stuffed. he's HUGE!

Stephen Rader said...

Shirley - Sure, he COULD be stuffed, but let's imagine that he's not. Get the mental picture. There... isn't that a nice thought on a cold, winter day? :)

Aaron said...

Let's just say I'll never forget Fran Drescher's voice saying "Turk! Did you COME?!"

Project Christopher said...

all I could think of was "Which thigh is he referencing... there seems to be THREE of them!"

good lord above~ :)

Master Aaron said...

Clearly the multi-tatt'd is a Top down to the waist...and a bottom for all of the useful parts. This is frequently the case, of course, but most boys don't advertise it so clearly. And the big package? Yup. God's joke. Bottom.