Friday, February 01, 2008

Fratboy Friday

I got nearly 10 inches last night. Just my luck, it was snow.

Ah, well... Fratboy Friday time.


I need soft lighting - - preferably coming from a red bulb - - black sheets and about a pound of Vaseline covering the camera lens to look good.

This boy looks hot in a kitchen. In front of a microwave. Under flourescent light.

It's not fair. It's so not fair...



That tattoo is on his left arm. And look at all the booze in the back.

We might have a live one here, boys!!!



Ah, 2007. It was a very good year.



Naked, adorable and offering a beer.
Does it get any better than that?
No friggin' way.


Polt said...

three of the four dealt with kitchens....almost a theme week there.

Gotta love the beer offering one. Course, I'd take the beer....set it on the floor and get down there beside it, twixt the boys legs.

But that's just me...


cb said...

DAMN, could 07's waist be any smaller??

philip said...

Best DAMN I WAS SO DRUNK LAST NIGHT ever! He's a dor a bull!

but I do sorta wish you'd put that picture under "caption of the week" 'cuz I gotta a doozie.

"It's so good to find hard help these days."

You know it.
I know it.
We all know it.

Project Christopher said...

There was once a Seinfeld episode where Jerry's girlfriend thought it OK for a woman to trot around naked in the home, but men... not so much. The idea was that men squatting wasn't attractive. Now I will disagree because many a naked man is attractive, but I have to say the guy in front of the fridge, while I'm sure looks fine standing, finds himself in a VERY unattractive position in that picture. He's either showing me, like my bf's dog does, that he needs to take a dump by hunching his butt, OR.. that can he's holding didn't just come out of the fridge.. it came from somewhere else....

Stephen Rader said...

polt - I didn't even notice the kitchen theme. I guess it was unconscious!!! I'd love to be "twixt" that beer boy's legs anytime!!

cb - I hope it couldn't. Imagine if that's him when he's feeling bloated? Oy...

I'm changing my caption picture to Mr. Drunk Last Night what that caption just because that is genius!!!

chris - You know I love you, but if you find that boy unattractive in ANY position, you might be in need of Lazik. That boy is HOT!

Mark in DE said...

Ah, how I love Fratboy Fridays! Great job, as usual.

Mark :-)

Palm Springs Savant said...

me thinks me needs a houseboy like that one by the fridge.

Anonymous said...

You know Stephen, It doesn't get any friggin' better than a naked man offering me a beer. NO FRIGGIN' WAY! And I'd love it even more if the guy pictured would offer! Oh yeah!