Sunday, February 17, 2008

Move Over 8-Track, I Got Me an iPod

Look what I finally bought, y'all. An iPod nano.

It's taken me so long to figure out which one I want, and when you add that to the fact that I didn't want to be one of "those people" who sit on the bus and aren't aware of their surroundings because their music is so friggin' loud, I just never could bring myself to buying something from Mr. Jobs that would be obsolete before I got it out of the store.

For instance, I know that when my buddy Mike bought his boyfriend Andy an iPod nano a few months ago, it didn't have video capability, so when I walked into BestBuy to buy my iPod nano yesterday, I asked for the video iPod nano.

My nice, red headed customer service guy said, "Yeah, they all have video capability," making me once again feel like the idiot at the I.T. table.

I should have said, "Well, they haven't ALWAYS had video capability in all of them, Carrot Top, so lighten up, alright?," but I was nice and swallowed my hatred for and envy of tech geeks.

Thank God Mike bought Andy an iPod nano because when I got the beautiful, black 2 inch screener home yesterday, I started it and the language was set to Chinese.

Chinese and two inches. Coincidence? Not at all, baby.

So, Andy had to talk me screen to screen until we found which Chinese characters meant "Languages" so I could change the thing back to English.

Now, I have to load the damn thing. Any suggestions on what songs I need to download from iTunes?

P.S. Tomorrow I buy my new computer.

Children's theatre may not be as sexy as working on the Goodman stage, but it definitely helps me buy new toys.

And these are toys I don't have to stash in the closet when my mother visits. Friggin' sweet.


dollar said...

Hi Stephen,

The iPod nano is awesome. You are really going to enjoy it.

As for suggestions for downloads.....I have been going through one of my "twice-a-year" dance music phases as of late, so my recommendations reflect that genre:

Anything from the Danish dance band, Infernal.

They have a remake of the Laura Branigan classic, "Self Control" that is the shizz as well as a fabulous song, "I Won't Be Crying". The latter has an interesting riff that pays homage to Depeche Mode's "Strange Love".

I have also been spinning Ultra Nate's remake of the Pointer's Sisters, classic "Automatic".

As you can see---new music with a heavy influence from the past. You can take the boy out of the '80's...etc.

If you want a preview, you can check out the videos on youtube to decide for yourself.....but be warned, be prepared to get up and boogie!


Ultra Nate:

Hope you enjoy!


Stephen Rader said...

dollar - Thanks for the great suggestions!!!! I will definitely be spending some money on song downloads. And the more 80's, the better!! You're the best!

Aaron said...

At some point, I'll have to break down and get one of these. They're so convenient...they're TOO convenient. That's the problem. Anytime something is so compact you can take it with you anywhere and fit it in your pocket, I'm bound to lose it. It's the law. It is written somewhere.

They sure do look cool, though...

cb said...

Welcome to the 21st century. And to Apple.

Cynthia said...

vampire weekend
jolie holland
nina nastasia
4 tops ( shut up its not dirty)

and of course


Kristie said...

Congrats on the purchase, you've been talking about getting one of these for ages.

I'm not an IPOD fan mainly due to i-tunes limitations. I like being able to drag and drop my music, rip cds into mp3 files and go.

Not sure if it will work for you or not but next time I come into town I have about 60G worth of music that you can convert to itunes if you like, I'll bring my portable drive with me and share. It came from my 300plus collection of cds that I ripped one weekend.

Take care

Stephen Rader said...

aaron - Mine is so small (my iPod, mind you), that it could easily slip out of my pocket and I'd never know it. It is pretty cool, but I sort of feel like I've sipped the Kool Aid and joined the cult, you know?

cb - I'm so MODERN!!! Next up: a cordless phone!!!

cynthia - So right. So very, very right. Thanks for the suggestions!

kristie - I would love that!!! I'll share my collection of music, too. If you'll explain to me how exactly I do that. :)