Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Robin "R"

Look what I found.

Disregard the package, the peak of pubic hair, the hand casually, but deliberately entering said package, the small, yet chewable nipples and the erection that is just barely contained by the red "looks like licorice" g-string. If you can.

Check out the Robin "R" tattoo.

I wouldn't want the yellow, nor would I want a blue background, but that's the tat that I've slightly thought about getting.

I would just do the "R" in black. And this "R" with the points like from Tim Drake's Robin costume. Not the block letter "R" like the old Dick Grayson Robin.

What do you think? This and a Bat-Tramp Stamp might eternally define me as an uber-geek comic fanboy and never allow me to get laid again. Or would some men find it hot?

P.S. The Robin in the pic is packin'.


Not that Type of Raven said...

What are you waiting for man?!

Polt said...

Tattoo....what tattoo...All I see is red....*drool, drool, sigh*...


joe*to*hell said...

i dare you

Ryan Barrett said...

I say get the ink.

In Chicago, I've gone to Insight Studios( My artist's name was Brian Clutter. You can check out his art on his myspace page (

You'll love it.

Mark in DE said...

If the tat makes you look like the guy in the red edible Speedo, I'd say GO FOR IT!

Mark :-)