Friday, February 15, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now? HOT!

My friend Michael Pacas emailed this commercial to me a couple of days ago and I love it for reasons that will become extremely obvious when you reach the halfway point of the clip.

I've never been a big fan of clipping a phone to your ear and having everyone around you initially mistake you for a deranged schizophrenic whack job simply because you're talking out loud to, what appears to be, no one at all.

There is only one person who can turn a geeky tech gadget like a Bluetooth into a sultry, stylish, powerful, "goes with anything" accessory, and that is of course, Nichelle Nichols.

Ms. Nichols is so sexy, she can clip anything she wants anywhere she wants on any part of her fabulous body and we will not only declare it to be fashion, we will proclaim it to be art. Look at those earrings. Hot.

Nichelle should teach Bluetooth users how to wear their tech without giving up any chance of ever getting laid. When it comes to ear phone tech, Nichelle knows how to work it.

She knows EXACTLY how to wear the phone clip dangling from her ear so that it looks odd, foreign and slightly sexual at the same time. She knows how to gently touch the tech attached to her ear to indicate to everyone around her, "I'm on the phone now, bitch" without ever having to actually say it. And she knows PRECISELY how to cross her legs at the ankle when wearing her Star Fleet mini-mini-skirt while somehow continuing to keep her Hailing Frequencies OPEN.

Ms. Nichols is FIERCE!! And the Jawbone commercial is HOT!

I need me some Jawbone. And that tattooed man's phone number.


Kristie said...

You too can have your very own Nichelle Nichols communicator signed by the diva herself, check it out.

If that's too rich for your blood you can get the basic unit here

Jawbone should have made the ear piece in gold or silver then it would look more trekkie.

Oh well the guys are hot so it really doesn't matter

Stan said...

Always thought that officer Lieutenant Uhura and helmsman Hikaru Sulu was the coolest members of the Enterprise. Actually Nichelle Nichols bio is quite interesting. As for the commercial yeah it's pretty hot.

Anonymous said...

OKAY! That earpiece should now be MANdatory at ALL Sports bars! Period. End of Story. NEXT!

(scuse me...I have to go have a cigarette now...whew)

BTW...I'll come back later and read what you wrote below the really should never put that kind of thing at the top...give the schpeel and THEN tell us to watch the video! *wink*

Anonymous said...

AH YES! Nicole totally rocked the earpiece! Remind me to demonstrate my method on Sunday -- it's masc-elegant and versatile too!

Aaron said...

Nichelle still looks terrific, and what is she, 74, 75? Wow...

The commercial is pretty hot, although we don't get to see tattooed guy for very long! I'm not sure what any of the action had to do with "girlfriend's" inane chatter over lending out clothes, but I'll take it!

Not that Type of Raven said...


Stephen you can have Tattooman ONLY AFTER RAVEN'S DONE WITH HIM!


okay maybe not.

Sorry, I can't think straight now.

What were you saying? *fizzle*

Speaking of men & tatts, I found THIS blogger. I am a verrrry happy Raven.

Polt said...

I dont really have any idea what the thing in the ear has to do with two rugby guys making out, but all I can say is, if that's the case, then gimme an earpierce and point in hte direction of the nearest pub!!!


Anonymous said...

That's Eric York the porn star. I love when porn stars pop up in the other world. It's like seeing tigers out on the street.

Stephen Rader said...

kristie - I love those!!! A little piece of Nichelle for our very own. We need one of those.

stan - Nichelle and Uhura are both definitely cool. And yes, any commercial with two hot men kissing and taking off their shirts in a bar is on my Hot List!

eric - You're so right. I should have put that Nichelle Nichols stuff WAY before the clip of hot guys kissing. Who wants to read after watching that.

aaron - I have no idea what those boys kissing has to do with selling a Bluetooth, but I will take it indeed.

raven - I love that tattooed men blog. Love it!!!! Thanks for sending me over.

polt - Give me one, too and let's hit the pub!!! In more ways than one!!

uprightguy - Amen! I would love to see Eric York outside of his native habitat.

Project Christopher said...

That's a hot video... i really liked it when I saw it on MY blog :) LOL just teasing you Stevey boy! LOOOOVE this video :) oh my!

Stephen Rader said...

chris - I hadn't seen this on your blog. I suck. But it is a hot video, isn't it? :)