Saturday, February 02, 2008

"I Just Like the Taste of Them"

What... is going on... in high schools these days?

And why am I no longer a high schooler?!?

PITTSBURGH - A high school wrestling coach accused of biting a wrestler in the leg has agreed to resign rather than face possible criminal charges, police said.

Mike Marshall bit the Central Cambria High School wrestler at practice on Jan. 21, Cambria Township police officer James McGough said.

"The coach was wrestling with him and bit him in the leg, the upper thigh," McGough said.

The bite caused bruising but did not draw blood, McGough said.

The student, who McGough did not identify, did not want to prosecute and opted to drop the matter if Marshall agreed to resign, police said.

Marshall's attorney, John D. Messina, said the incident was "completely innocent" and not malicious.

"The incident occurred while he was joking around with one of the wrestlers," Messina said. "Certainly it was poor judgment and it cost him his job."

Oh yeah, when I'm joking around with an underage boy half-dressed in lycra, I always punctuate my joke by placing my mouth on his upper thigh. And then biting.

It reminds me of what I sometimes say about being gay...

"I'm not gay. I just like the taste of them."


Polt said...

"I'm not gay, I just like the taste of them."

I'm totally stealing that and using it for myself!


David said...

Hi Stephen! I've been reading for a while now, but haven't been able to comment. Usually because I'm...umm...distracted by Fratboy Fridays. But I just saw the news item about the strip mall shooting and just hope that you and yours are all safe!

Stephen Rader said...

polt - Steal it! I probably stole it from someone else and forgot that I actually stole it!! :)

david - Thank you for your comment and your concern. I am safe and sound. You're so sweet to check in with me and see if I'm okay after hearing about that shooting. Thank you!!!

Isabella Snow said...

What a twat! I like biting as much as the next person but that's ridiculous. And, unrelated but more important.. WTF is going on in that photo??

Stephen Rader said...

isabella - I have no idea what's going on in the photo - - but it certainly likes like at least SOME fun is being had, right? :)

Mark in DE said...

What a strange story.

Personally I find light biting/nibbling highly erotic, especially on my neck. I'll have to get someone to try it on my thigh to see if it produces the same affect.

Mark :-)