Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My LOST Nickname

Mike over at Logopolis just posted about this Sawyer from LOST Nickname Generator and I could resist trying it out.

Even though I've never even watched one second of LOST.

I know, I know...

Mike's nickname is "Picasso." I got "Capt. Lou Albino."

Guess which one of us is gonna be sleeping with Sawyer.

Hey Mike, can I watch?


Anonymous said...

I'm "Imelda."

Doug said...

Now that I love. If only Sawyer would get a friggin' haircut!

Ryan Barrett said...

Well, Capt. Lou, I got Skeeter.

Mark in DE said...

How many name generators will they come up with???

Mark :-)

Mark in DE said...

BTW, that thing if fucked. It said my name is HUCKLEBERRY PINHEAD.

Mark :-)

Kristie said...

Hey it said mine was PUD
WTF is up with that!