Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My New Imaginary Boyfriend

I can feel it. Can you feel it?

Time for a New Imaginary Boyfriend.

Sure, I'm a fickle fuck, but it's cold and I'm grabbing at anything that will keep me warm.

And I have a feeling that good ole' Number 9 here will keep me warm. And then some.

Number 9 on his square cut trunks. Number 1 in my heart.

Now, let's see if I can unlace those... with my teeth.

Please, you know I can. I learned that trick in middle school.

Thanks to Speedo Junkie for introducing me to Mr. Perfect here.


Michael Van Kerckhove said...

OMG, I so know him! Okay, not really. How are ya Stephen?! Miss you, love you from here in the SB. I started a new writerly blog/site. Thought I'd let you know. Click on my name! :-)

Polt said...

You learned to untie shorts with your teeth in Middle School??? Quick learner, weren'tcha?

Is there a video forthcoming?


Stephen Rader said...

michael: Great site!! I've already added you to my "links" section! Great to hear from you; it's been way too long. Hope all is well.

polt: We didn't have video back then. Can you run 8mm? :P)

Shirley Heezgay! said...

oh, i can feel it alright.

roborange said...

Hey, Zeus and be Mary! He is hot!

Mark in DE said...

Not only does #9 have a great body, but a handsome face too. Good choice!

Mark :-)

cb said...

That suit is just a little something he 'threw on'.

Well, he almost missed.

Stephen Rader said...

shirley - I can feel it. And I like it.

roborange - I am Mary and he is hot!!!! Yum...

mark in de - Thank you very much. You may borrow him anytime.

cb - God, I wish he had missed.