Saturday, May 16, 2009

"That's a Nice Little Nothing You're Almost Wearing"

I have a thing for country boys. Rednecks especially.

I don't mean that I'm attracted to guys who find themselves in a hospital ward after shouting to their friends...

"Hey, y'all! Watch this!"

...but I do love a slight Southern accent. The twang, if you will.

(Insert your own twang joke here).

And as I watched one of my former Imaginary Boyfriends, Kerry Degman, in this video in a post at Seduced by the New... I realized that I don't just lust after Kerry for his body, I want him for his accent as well.

And with all his hot poses and with all the shots of Kerry coming out of the ocean wearing only white A/X briefs, my favorite moment of the video is this quirky, little smile. It's endearing.

Don't get me wrong, I still want him to sit my face and wiggle. Violently. But now, I want to get to know him and maybe buy him a beer. While he's sitting on my face. 

You know, I think it's time that Kerry resumed his rightful place as My New Imaginary Boyfriend.

And yes, the picture that I'm using of Kerry in the sidebar is the image I have on my desktop. And in my shower. And on my headboard...


Prospero said...

Hmmm... Who buys designer underwear?

I know; gay men!

And how do we seel to gay men?

I know; abs, pecs and wet crotches!

It's like using half-naked women to sell cars, deodorant, beer, hamburgers or anything else to straight men, only it's gay!

Brilliant! Get me a hot boy, stat!

I hate Madison Avenue...

jer said...

who cares what he sounds like with a body like that?



RAD said...

I love me a nice accent as well...Giddy up!

cb said...

Yes. He's hot.

Anonymous said...

Excellent body and a perfect ass.
I would definitely like some of Kerry.