Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"I Survived a Shipwreck. That Was Sunday Night."

Finally, some good news on the career front.

After auditioning and/or being called back for a handfull of shows, but receiving emails from each casting director saying something like...

"We're going another way with the character you read for. We've cast Nell Carter who, although dead, is someone we believe will bring more to the role than you."

...I found out yesterday that I will be co-directing the John Michael LaChiusa musical Hello Again for Bohemian Theatre Ensemble with my good friend Michael Ryczek early next year.

So, all you musical theatre boys who see me at Sidetrack on showtunes night - - buy me some cocktails and your chances for landing a role (and me) go way, way up.

And I'm serious about not getting cast in everything I've auditioned for.

I actually will be singing at a benefit for the Bailiwick Repertory Theatre this July. At the Center on Halsted. On the set of their production of "The Cousins Grimm." A show I was called back for. Twice. And didn't get.

Which means that I'm not good enough for the show, but I am good enough to work FOR FREE and raise money for that show.

Yeah. It sucks. It really, really sucks.

And if you think that I am going to be so bold and rude as to tell the audience when I go on stage to sing the night of the benefit that I'm good enough for the benefit but not good enough for the show, you would be right.


Amy said...

::cackle:: Nell Carter....

Michael said...

Well, I will be auditioning.
And I will buy you a drink.
Can we skip the "casting couch"? ;)

AJohnP said...

That Nell Carter comment made me laugh!
I'm sorry that you're going through a dry spell, but that's great news about 'Hello Again'!
I was just listening to that CD last week. It's such a great score. Of course, I'm a big Michael John LaChiusa fan in general. When I did the LaChiusa version of 'The Wild Party' in Boston he came to see the show and couldn't have been nicer.
I'm sure you'll have a great time and you'll find yourself in front of the footlights before you know it!

Anatomicsd said...

Congratulations. Oh, to be a fly on your casting couch for the next several months.

Steve said...

Please leave space on the couch for me--a BIG space.

kansastock said...

Sometimes you just have to shake your head and go 'What the fuck!?!'

Last year, I interviewed to provide Architectural Services at a HIV-AIDS non-profit of which I was a founding Board Member. Yeap, they went with Frank Lloyd Wright. The next week their yearly appeal arrived in the mail. What the fuck... where's the bonfire!?!

Prospero said...

Congratulations on the directing gig, Sir! Take lots of pictures for me.

Gyaos97 said...

Congrats on the new job. Now, if you need some extra cash you can post some of your casting sessions on that pay to play section on X-tube. That reminds me - I need to add some more X-bucks to my account.

Aaron said...

Oh, it's "never anything personal" when they reject you--that's what they tell themselves (and believe it) and us (who usually don't), and why they have no qualms about sticking us for favors later on. Whatevs.

Nevertheless, I am ecstatic for you--you'll make a fine director! I won't audition, since I'm a sucky actor, but I'll plan to see it often!

Wonder Man said...

love the Neil Carter line

Stephen said...

Funny post!!!
After 40+ years in the business... I still HATE auditioning, especially for directors I have worked with over & over.
Congrats on your gig.