Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Ya Hockey Puck!"

Tonight's the night.

I'm so excited about this, I can't even describe it.

When I've mentioned to people that I'm seeing Rickles tonight, some people have laughed, like it's a joke. 

As if I'm with some friends on a road trip and as we pass through Memphis, we decide to go to Graceland. And we call our friends to tell them what we're going to do and they laugh at our shenanigans. 

People laugh at my excitement about Rickles in the same way. But watch any other celebrity with Rickles - - especially comedians - - and you will see that they are star struck around him.

I'm fascinated by him as well. By his gentle, kind manner off stage and his ruthless destruction of political correctness on stage. 

Plus, what other comedian has had their picture superimposed inside an old issue of Superman's Pal: Jimmy Olsen?  I'll answer that - - none!

Here's Don doing something that I wish I could have done in the 80's - - insulting President Reagan and Nancy at their second inauguration. Notice I said "their," because we all know who was running the show in the White House, don't we?

Don's quick insult to Emmanuel Lewis at the beginning almost makes up for his kind words to Ron and Nancy at the end. Almost.


Pearl said...

Ah! Don Rickles! Do you remember the Dean Martin Roasts of the, what, 70s? Everyone's drunk, smoking cigarettes, cracking jokes. I so wanted, even as a kid, to drink and stay up all night with the Party People.


apoorva said...

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Java said...

Do you love sports just like apoorva?

So how was Rickles? I'm jealous.