Thursday, May 07, 2009

"Some Days You Just Can't Get Rid of a Bomb"

We definitely need Roz Reinbaum from "This is Unacceptable News!" to take down Bernie Madoff

Look who fell for Bernie's Ponzi scheme...


I mean, Adam West.

I mean, Batman.

And P.S. Check out the hottie that Adam West was.

I mean, is.

I mean, was.

With a body like that, it's obvious that the 60's Bat-suit didn't give "Mr. HotPecs BedroomEyes McShowMeYourBatPole" here the sexual attraction he deserved.

I love me some Adam West. From Batman to Family Guy, he is one of the most unique actor/personalities in the business. There's Shatner and Adam West and that's about it.

Batman trying to sell all his Bat-gadgets reminds me of Batman trying to get rid of a bomb. This is my favorite scene from the 1966 Batman movie. Second only to the fake shark scene...


dbb said...

Quick correction to the 9 - 5 post below, "Prince of tides was nominated for best picture, but was passe3d over for best director. Thus the famous line, "What, did it direct itsefl?"

Java said...

Love the Bat Cave tag sale! I never appreciated him for the unique character he is.

Sean said...

Is he on our team? Sure looks like it in that pic. I'd hit it.

Aaron said...

Always loved Adam West. And I loved the bomb scene from the Batman movie! I watched it on the late movie with my dad when I was 9.

I've seen it many times since, but like the saying goes, "The first time is always your best." Ain't it the truth?? Good memories.

Mike Ellis, The Jolly Reprobate said...

"Somedays you just can get rid of a bomb."
Joel Schuhmacher knows all about that.

But if Batman had gone to Our Lady of the Big Ruler with me, he'd have taken those nuns out in a heartbeat.