Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"So, I Tell ONE Homosexual..."

Here's the Bea Arthur story again, but this time, it's told by my friend, the woman who sang with Bea that fateful Chicago night, Alexandra Billings.

This is my favorite picture of Alex. It's from her performance as Natasha in "Cannibal Cheerleaders On Crack". 

As Alex says about that show...

"My breasts have now been seen by every drunk frat boy from here to Idaho."

For awhile, if you did a Google image search of the words "drunk frat boy," this picture would pop up first.

I really, really loved that.

Even if you know what Bea says at the end, listen to Alex tell the story. She's the funniest person I know.


Kevin said...

just love her to bits!

Amy said...

I'm giggling like an idiot....what a great story. (Of course, the storyteller made it even better....)

Prospero said...

Alex MUST play Bea in the Lifetime True Story movie!